Las Vegas Campaign Rocked By Talking Mailpiece
Video of actual talking card used in campaign.

Fast Facts

Election: North Las Vegas City Council, Primary 2011

Universe: 2,500 high propensity households

Campaign Manager: Bradley Mayer, iPolitical, Las Vegas

Candidates:: Richard Cherchio (incumbent) challenged by Wade Wagner

Problem: Police & Fire unions supported Challenger Wagner and campaigned hard against Cherchio

Solution: A 30-second audio card from mailPOW, dropped just before election day.

The talking card dropped two days before the primary election and gave the Cherchio campaign the needed bump to ensure a general election. Of 2,956 votes, Cherchio received 1,312 (44.38%), Wagner received 1,384 (46.82%), and token third candidate Goldie Pitchford received 260 votes (8.8%).

 “The difference in the primary was 72 votes. We lost the early vote by 69 votes and election day by only 3.  66 votes seems small, but it was 2.2% of the overall turnout", said Cherchio's Campaign Manager, Bradley Mayer. “There were several precincts where we lost the early vote and turned around and won election day after the card hit."

 “When police and fire are against you, traditionally you don’t win the primary,” said veteran consultant Rich Schlackman. “With the help of a powerful new political mailer, Cherchio faced that full-on assault and survived.”

The press coverage of the talking card was also impressive, including lots of local print and blogs, and eventually going national when NBC’s Political Correspondent, Chuck Todd, tweeted a link to the video of the talking card.

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