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August 2012
My Geo World
We appreciate continued support of our clients.

Hyundai Heavy Industries (Korea)
Geological Survey of Canada
SNC Lavalin Inc. (Canada)
Arizona University (USA)
Graz Technical University (Austria)
University of Zagreb (Croatia)
Terrasol (France)
SeismoGeologisches Buero (Germany)
Eiffage Group (France)
SRK Consulting (Australia)
Arab Center for Engineering Studies (UAE)
University of Sharejeh (UAE)
American University of Beirut (Lebanon)
Thompson Engineering (USA)
Studio Conti Associati (Italy)
University of Tenaga Nasional (Malaysia)
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New Licensing : Even More Affordable
We understand that many of our clients use our programs on more than 2 computers. In order to appreciate your continued support, starting September 2012 Novo Tech offers '2 license' and '5 license' models where each purchase comes with 2 and 5 perpetual licenses, respectively.

The pricing is restructured to be more affordable for small to medium size companies. Although large organization and universities still can take advantage of our special discounts.

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Upcoming New Versions
CPT Interpretation Software (NovoCPT) 
New version of our CPT interpretation software (NovoCPT) is even more powerful and covers the following new features:
  1. user can enter variable PGA and CSR for soil liquefaction analysis (e.g. Shake2000 and ProShake results) [see here]
  2. user can choose to neglect post-liquefaction lateral spread and settlement below a specified depth [see here]
  3. user can define soil layers and NovoCPT will calculate the average of soil parameters for each layer [see here]
  4. and 12 more features

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Soil Liquefaction Analysis Software (NovoLIQ)
The focus of ongoing upgrade on NovoLIQ will be based on providing features for user-defined CSR and PGA data as well as features for neglecting post-liquefaction lateral spread and reconsolidation settlements below a certain depth specified by the user.