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 Issue 8                                                                                                                                                        May 2013 
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What is a Church*?
A church is three or more Christian believers meeting together on a regular basis to worship God and is not a cell group of a larger church body.

*only Protestant churches


How we count Christians?
Of course God is the final judge.  For our purposes we count Christians as anyone who  is a member of a church. No matter if it is a large city church or a small house church.
Note: You are receiving this email because of your love and interest for the country of Thailand.  The purpose of this email is to provide you with information to know how to pray specifically for this nation and to help you make informed ministry plans.  We encourage you to share this email with members of your church, your small group, your social media network and among your Christian friends so they too can pray.
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Dear Co-laborer in Christ,

This email is intended to help you understand the organizations that makeup of the Body of Christ in Thailand. Much of this information you may already know; however, there may be new information for you to learn about.

The Body of Christ in Thailand consists of three church councils and a number of independent groups and churches.

The oldest church council is the Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT). The CCT is divided into 19 different regions. The CCT has the most Christians in Thailand and was  founded by the Presbyterian Church.  The largest group within the CCT is the Karen Baptist Convention.

The Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand or EFT consists of over 140 different organizations. The EFT has fewer Christians than the CCT though it has more churches. The EFT has 111 denominations that have churches under them.

The third council is the Thailand Baptist Convention or TBC which was founded by the Southern Baptist.

There are 18 Independent church organizations which are not part of the three councils.

Finally there are 359 independent churches that are not a member of any other organization.

When all the church data is summarized we find that there are  150 different groups or denominations have planted churches in Thailand over the past 180 years. PRAISE THE LORD!

We also Praise the Lord that regardless of council, organization, or denomination the majority of the churches in Thailand and involved with Vision 2015. Church members from all over the nation are committed to being “One out of 100,000 to reach one million for Christ by the year 2015.”

Pray for the hundreds of church members and leaders from all over the country who just finished intensive one-on-one discipleship training using materials from “Operation Multiplication.” Pray that they would be faithful to use their training so that thousands will come to know Christ and become disciple makers themselves.

God Bless you in your ministry, 

Dwight Martin
Research Coordinator
Thailand Evangelism & Church Growth Committee

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