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Summer 2013 Newsletter

Hello, from Dr. Nelson! 

Hello from the Research Programs in the Division of Developmental Medicine! I hope that everyone is enjoying the summer. We are as busy as ever here with many new studies gearing up to start--please stay tuned to our  Facebook page   for updates on those! We'll also be at various community events in the coming months, so take a look at the "Out and About" section below to see where you can find us. As always, please feel free to explore our website or contact our Outreach Coordinator for more information about studies in which your family might participate. 

Whether you have already taken part in our studies or have recently joined our growing Participant Registry, I greatly appreciate your interest in our research. Your support of our work and participation in our studies are invaluable to us in answering many important questions related to infant and child cognitive development.

Warm wishes,

Charles A. Nelson

Charles A. Nelson, Ph.D. 

Director of Research, Division of Developmental Medicine
Richard David Scott Chair in Pediatric Developmental Medicine Research
Professor of Pediatrics and Neuroscience, Harvard Medical School

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Out and About
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New Baby at Home?
In the News

How Parents See Themselves May Affect Their Child's Brain and Stress Level
Click here to see coverage of a new study published by Margaret Sheridan, PhD and our Research Director, Charles A. Nelson, PhD. The study was the first to look at a mother's self-perception of her socioeconomic status (SES) and found that how a mother views and adapts to her actual SES may be an important factor in child development.

Detachment: How can scientists act ethically when they are studying the victims of a human tragedy, such as the Romanian orphans? 
If you missed it on our Facebook page, click here to read a recent article from aeon, which looks at how Dr. Nelson and his colleagues addressed some complex issues related to the Bucharest Early Intervention Project. Ultimately, their goal is to provide data that can shape government programs and policies in order to ensure that children can grow up in an environment that fosters healthy development.

National Down Syndrome Campaign Features Boston Residents
Down Syndrome Program Coordinator, Angela Lombardo, and her son, Isaiah, were featured in a recent Boston Magazine article about the new My Great Story campaign from the National Down Syndrome Society. The campaign, which is the largest public awareness initiative by the NDSS and features hundreds of stories, aims to "ignite a new way of thinking about people with Down syndrome by sharing stories written by and about them." Click here to read about how Angela and Isaiah have been involved in the project. 

Can MRI A recent study from MIT in collaboration with the LCN's Gaab Lab found structural differences in the brains of pre-readers, which may help to identify children at risk for dyslexia before they even learn to read. For more information about the study and its findings, click here

Out and About

'Tis the season for community events! We will be at a wide variety of fairs and walks as the fall approaches, all of which will be offering a lot of family fun! Take a look at the listings below, and please stop by and say hello if you find yourself at any of these events! 

West End Children's Festival 2013, 
Saturday 8/17, 12:00-3:00 pm
Thoreau Path, West End, Boston
This year's WECF will focus on healthy living, with food, activities, and prizes emphasizing health and fitness. For more information and directions, click here!

ParkSCIENCE Boston Children's Festival, Tuesday 8/20, 11:00am-2:00pm
Pierpoint Road, Franklin Park, Dorchester
In addition to trying out our big brain puzzle and brain teasers, kids at this event will be able to design a kite, dig for artifacts, and see a robot in action! Fore more info and directions, click here

Circle the City Open StreetsSunday 9/29, 12:00-5:00 pm
Join us for a unique experience as Blue Hill Avenue is Dorchester is closed to auto traffic and filled with family friendly activities! Bring your bikes, strollers, or just your feet and enjoy a fun fall day! For details, click here

Walk Now for Autism Speaks, Sunday 10/6, 9:00 am
Suffolk Downs, East Boston
This will be our fifth year participating in the resource fair at the walk. For more information about how you can walk or form a team, click here

Newton Harvest Fair, Sunday 10/20, 10:00 am-5:00 pm
This fun fall event includes everything from pumpkin decorating to kiddie amusement rides. And, of course, lots of brain teasers and games at our table! For more details, click here

Under Construction...

As some of you have noticed, parts of our website have been on the fritz for the past few months. The Boston Children's website as a whole is in the midst of transitioning to a new system, which has made things a little bit buggy. The new and improved website should be up and running very soon--thank you for bearing with us in the meantime! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Outreach Coordinator, Rebecca, at 857-218-3011.

Do You Have a New Addition?
Congratulations! We have several ongoing infant studies, including a new project looking at emotion processing in the first year. If you have welcomed a new little one and would like to stay in the loop about studies that he or she may be eligible for, please let us know!

We have free parking and free child care for any older siblings that may tag along, and you will also get to take home a small toy and a "Neuroscientist in Training" onesie.

Meet Carson, an adorable new addition to our growing group of LCN staff babies. Here, he is about to take his first plane ride with mom, Nicole, our Clinical Research Coordinator. Such an adorable jet setter!

To add your newest family member to the Participant Registry, please contact us by e-mail  or by phone at 617-355-0400.

To learn more about our current infant studies, please click here
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