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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Falsified 20 Years Of Financial Disclosure Forms
Help Us Hold Him Accountable--Sign Our Letters To Congress And The Department Of Justice
We learned two weeks ago that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas had falsely stated on his Financial Disclosure forms that his wife had no non-investment income from 2003-2009. In fact, she had received a salary of at least $100,000 each year from the conservative Heritage Foundation. Therefore, on January 24th, our attorney Kevin Zeese wrote a letter to the Department of Justice asking that Justice Thomas be prosecuted for making false statements. The next day, we received his amended filings which showed that he had actually falsified 20 years of disclosure forms beginning in 1989 during his initial Supreme Court nomination process. We then issued a press release calling for his impeachment and an audit of every decision he has been involved with to determine if his false information undermined the fairness of the cases.

You can help! Sign our letter to Congress to begin impeachment proceedings.
Sign our petition to the Department of Justice to prosecute Clarence Thomas.

Attorney Kevin Zeese gave us a short interview explaining our campaign to hold Justice Thomas accountable and why it is such a big deal. Check it out here on YouTube. He explained that others have been prosecuted for similar conduct and that the failure to disclose information deprived litigants of their right to ask Justice Thomas to disqualify himself from hearing their cases. He pointed out that Virginia Thomas benefitted from two controversial 5-4 decisions, Bush v Gore and Citizens United.

We will be filing a formal complaint on Monday with the D.C. Bar Disciplinary Board to disbar Justice Thomas for his unethical and criminal conduct.

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