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Temporary Notice to Mariners

Peel Navigational Aids
Sticks Channel, Peel Inlet

Mariners are advised that works to upgrade the Sticks Channel are scheduled to take place from 22 February to 28 March 2013.

The existing mid-channel beacons will be removed and replaced with lit lateral markers.

Chart Ref: Department of Transport Chart WA 848

These works will take place from barges “Vulcan II” and “Gunna” which will remain in the vicinity outside of normal operating hours and will exhibit lights and shapes in accordance with the Prevention of Collisions at Sea Regulations 1983 at all times.

Mariners are advised to reduce wash and navigate with caution when transiting the Sticks Channel during the above operations.

Raymond Buchholz
Marine Safety Operations Director
Department of Transport

Dredging Process 2013

To keep the entrances of Port Mandurah open it has always been recognised that some degree of dredging would be required and that is why we have established a reserve account within the Specified Area Rate (SAR) structure to pay for periodic dredging and annual surveys of accretion. Since the agreement in the 1990s was written there have been big changes in the estuary circulation patterns and sediment sources, e.g. The Cut, Fairbridge Bank regrowth, and failed sand bypassing at the mouth that is about to be addressed. These have altered the rate of siltation of the entrances which were originally estimated to require dredging every 5 years.

Dredging is a fact of life in this highly modified system and those who oppose any dredging at all do not understand the manageable consequences of using the waterways and should be ignored for politicising this essential aspect of our canal life. The dredge spoil is of good quality and will be reused for the City's benefit.

Your sub-committee of PMRA has recommended (12th Feb) that the City of Mandurah commences planning for dredging that will include the southern entrance and as far as Cambria Island at the northern entrance. This will be undertaken this year. The survey was started last week and we have adequate reserve funds to remove approximately 30-40 thousand cubic metres of sand. A full report will be made in the next newsletter.

Your New Committee

PMRA now has 13 committee members to represent Port Mandurah residents and ratepayers. Some of us were elected on to the committee and are voting members; others were co-opted on to the committee and are non-voting members. We meet on a regular basis and are also in frequent contact with each other by email. We are:

Faye Grey – President
Selby Munsie – Vice President
Martin Robinson – Treasurer
Linda Thorpe – Secretary
Kerrie Andrews, Crawford Flaherty, Dawn Flaherty, Michael Georgeff, Martyn Harris, Peter Hick, René Jorgensen, Jill Randall, John Randall– Committee Members.

Our objectives are:
1. To represent the Ratepayers to oversee the expenditure of the Specified Area Rate in order to endeavour to ensure that the amenities of the precinct of Port Mandurah are maintained and where possible improved, and the quality of the development and the lifestyle of its residents is preserved.
2. To support and encourage the maintenance of standards throughout the precinct of Port Mandurah including those outlined in Covenants of the land sale documents.
3. To liaise and foster good working relations with Government, Local Authorities, Statutory Authorities and other relevant bodies.
4. To foster good working relations with the media to inform the public.
5. To publish information sheets and newsletters for the benefit of members and non-members.
6. To enter agreements or appoint and engage Consultants and others who may be Members that the Committee considers will facilitate the achievement of these objects.
7. To encourage and foster social interaction between members of the Association and others with similar interests.

The PMRA Committee can be contacted by emailing

 Burglaries in Port Mandurah

There have been some serious burglaries in Port Mandurah recently. Several properties have been targeted, including residences in Cambria Island, Eunamara Retreat and Fistina Ramble:

"A resident of Fistina Ramble went to bed with the glass door on the canal end of his house open because it was a hot night. The screen door was however locked. At approximately 2am a burglar removed the globes from the sensor operated lights outside the garage. He/she moved down the side to the canal end of the house, cut through the flywire of the screen door and entered the house. The burglar stole 3 laptop computers, a notebook computer, a wallet containing 3 credit cards and about $200 in cash, an $800 smart phone and the keys to a Mercedes car and the garage before departing through the front door. 

The resident heard the front door close and went to investigate. He immediately noted the missing items, but did not see the burglars. To their credit the police arrived in 10 minutes and took details. The resident was able to cancel the credit cards fairly quickly. He was subsequently able to alter the locking devices for the car and garage thus making the keys that were stolen inoperative.

In the light of day it was found that at a neighbour's house 2 doors away the security lights and sensor had been turned towards the sky, presumably so that the outside lights would not come on as the intruder approached the front door. The dog in that house awoke at 2am ran to the front door and barked, presumably when the door was rattled. It is assumed that the burglar decided to try elsewhere when this happened."

If you would like advice about how to protect your property or how to report suspicious behaviour, please visit

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