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Further to our March newsletter in which we provided striking colour pictures of the canals showing which areas were still in need of dredging, the core sampling is now complete. However, there are no dredgers available in WA and we will have to wait for further news on this subject. To view the hydrographic surveys, please click here and here.


We have long been conversing with the City of Mandurah about the nuisance caused by our local shags, not least their stench, their over-fishing of salmon and other young fish, and the fact that they can carry a wide range of diseases including West Nile Virus. Meanwhile, their numbers seem to be doubling every year.
Cormorant management is common throughout the world but, up until recently, the City has resisted any limiting action. At this year's Annual Electors Meeting, however, we were informed by a senior City Officer that there is a small window of opportunity once a year to move the cormorants on, and we need your support to encourage this to happen.
Please email to request urgent action. Also, with the local elections looming, now is our opportunity to contact those standing for election to ask them what their commitment is to moving the cormorants away from our residential area.


We encourage you to have your say in who you want to lead the biggest business in town – i.e. Mandurah City Council.
With a budget in the vicinity of $130 million, the role of the Mayor, with the support of the Councillors, requires someone with a good business background, and the strength and conviction to make important decisions in order to direct the Council towards the most appropriate and beneficial outcomes for the community.
Your vote and support for a new Mayor and Town Ward Councillors is vital. Please make it your business to know who you are voting for and complete your postal vote and return it in the self-addressed envelope by 17th October. For a list of candidates please click here
We wish to take this opportunity to congratulate Paddi Creevey, our outgoing Mayor, for the magnificent job she has done during her time in office. She will be missed.


The Proposed Peel Aquatic Review Plan is currently available for public consultation and most of the proposals therein have been greeted positively by the public at large. One issue that is causing controversy, however, is the proposal to revoke the speed limit entering Sticks Channel, which is a popular area with dolphins.
Results from a study on the Effects of Boat Activity on the Behavior of Bottlenose Dolphins  show that excessive boat speed has a negative impact on dolphins and "suggest that long-term cumulative effects could include reduced reproductive success, reduced feeding and rest opportunities, and/or total abandonment of vital coastal habitats".
Public comments are being referred to the Marine Safety Navigational Systems Project Team for consideration. Dolphin lovers who think that an unrestricted speed limit in Sticks Channel is a crazy idea can email the Manager of Navigational Systems at

The problem of wasted jetty licence money has been with the PMRA since its inception and there are volumes of correspondence between the Department of Transport, local residents and government solicitors debating the arguments. Fundamentally, the issues stem from Stage 2 onwards where jetties are on private land covered by public water. The reserve containing the water is 3+ metres off the lot walls.
Your Committee is arguing that the situation in Port Mandurah is outside the Jetties Act 1926, as it was never intended to include this type of private canal development.
The care, control and management of the canals was placed with the City of Mandurah by way of a State Government management order, but residents' private jetties are NOT included in this order.
The Government believes that the area of land which is inundated with water and upon which a jetty has been built and the exact boundary has not been delineated by the landowner, it is reasonable to assume that they have no objection to such part of their property being used, within reason, as part of the navigable waterway.
We are now in a four-way discussion with the CoM, DoT and Ministers to try and overcome the anomalies with respect to our jetty fees. We propose that any inspection could easily be done by the CoM as part of its other canal management duties for a small fee which could be included in the Specified Area Rate (SAR) payment.
We will keep you updated.
This group remains active, regularly maintaining Samphire Cove at the end of Leisure Way by Egret Point. They are a group of community-minded individuals who volunteer their time to improve the Cove to encourage families back to the area.
They warmly welcome helpers and new members, and invite you to join them at their next meeting on Sunday 29th September at 9.00am.
If you can go along and help, please take gear for weed spraying; wear enclosed shoes and protective clothing, and bring a sprayer if you have one, filled with whatever quantity of water that is comfortable for you to carry.
Spraying is expected to take about an hour and half, followed by a BYO morning tea.
For further information please email Barry Small at
Further to our July newsletter in which we outlined the Proposed Development Guide Plan for Lot 90 (No 84) Leisure Way, we understand that a large number of residents expressed their concern to the City about the size and scope of the proposed development.
This matter incurred the need for a public viewing with Council officers in attendance and the Outline Development Plan has gone back to Council for final approval. There will have to be intense traffic studies done as well as traffic management to alter the road system and back to Council, but we believe it will be back before Council in the very near future.
Since our attendance at the Old Mandurah Bridge Community Reference Group (CRG) meetings earlier in the year we haven't received any recent news about the bridge redevelopment. We hope to hear some positive news from the Minister for Transport in the near future and will keep you informed.
The preferred design option for the bridge maintains significant elements of the existing bridge, such as the fishing platforms, but provides for a proposed increase in height and anticipated increase in traffic through a new curved, four lane bridge with an expansive five metre wide pedestrian/cycle path.
To view the CRG's preferred bridge design concept please click here.
Your Committee is well into planning the functions held over the Christmas period and provide the following diary dates for you:
Christmas Lights Carnival
From the beginning of December until well into the New Year, Port Mandurah is famous throughout the tourist industry for its Christmas Lights. PMRA habitually recognises the huge effort by its community of residents. This year we have been promised a better supervisory policy by the Department of Transport over the many extra boats sightseeing in the canals.
Christmas Cocktail Party / Sundowner
In response to members' feedback, we have decided upon a change to the traditional three-course format. To implement this change, the Mandurah Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club has been booked for Sunday 8th December.
Please save the date; further details will follow soon.
Santa in the Canals
As usual, Santa and his many helpers will be seen on Christmas Eve on the canals between 5.30 and 7pm handing out gifts to children. Listen out for the bells and other loud Christmas noises! If you would like to co-sponsor this event, please email

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