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We hope you enjoy this e-newsletter. We bring you the latest news about the Peel Aquatic Use Review, our annual Christmas Function, an update about  Samphire Cove and some useful information from Mandurah Police.
Your committee continues to work tirelessly behind the scenes on a wide range of issues including the urgent need for dredging at the northern entrance and the unjust jetty licence fee.
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We are currently compiling our bumper colour November newsletter which will be delivered to every household in Port Mandurah, and we welcome your articles, news, views, and letters to the editor at
In the meantime, please would you consider forwarding this to your Port Mandurah friends and neighbours, for we still don't have everyone's email addresses. Thank you.

The Department of Transport (DoT) Marine Safety has received valuable feedback on the Peel Aquatic Use Review to date and, as a result, DoT is now seeking final community feedback on options for change at Sticks Channel prior to implementing the new Peel Aquatic Use Plan for the upcoming summer boating season.
Whether or not you have already provided feedback, you are now invited to vote for Option A or Option B by Friday 18 October.
Representatives from the Friends of Samphire Cove and also the Canoe Trail Friends of Mandurah & Pinjarra believe that Option B gives the dolphins the best protection: "At first glance Option A seems preferable, but the reality is that there are still open speed limits where there is no reliable depth of water. Option A may allow powered water craft to freestyle in the open speed section of the channel, as the legend only prohibits freestyle in speed restricted areas. Option B allows dolphins to exit the channel where there is reliable depth of water and should provide a consistent speed limit for full length of the channel."

It only takes a few seconds to vote:

For further information please visit


We warmly welcome you and your friends to join us for the PMRA Christmas Sundowner at the Mandurah Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club on Sunday 8th December from 6.30pm.

We will enjoy a delicious spread of finger food in the newly refurbished Dolphin View Room which now has its own licensed bar.

Tickets are only $30 per person which include a welcome drink, finger food, a small gift from Santa and a chance to win a door prize.

Tickets are available now by forwarding this email to
and filling in the editable form below:

 I / we will be attending the Christmas Function at the MOFSC on Sunday 8th December from 6.30pm.

 Payee’s name:


 Email address: 

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 Name(s) of partner / guests: 

 Cheque / EFT: Total $

 Comments / special requests:

Please make cheques payable to Port Mandurah Residents Association and mail to:
P.M.R.A. 27 Starfire Close, Halls Head, WA 6210.
Or electronically transfer funds to our account: Bendigo Bank BSB: 633000 Account No: 136986080 quoting your name as reference. Please include a copy of the electronic receipt with your application. RSVP by 1st December. Your tickets will be delivered to you prior to the function.

On 29 September the Friends of Samphire Cove collected eleven large bags of Geraldton Carnation Weed - Euphorbia Terracina.
To reduce infestation of this weed, Rebecca from Eco Services is going to see if she can have the verge adjacent to Wedgetail Retreat sprayed by the City of Mandurah and then mulched.
Nicole Godfrey, Department of Parks & Wildlife (DPaW - formerly DEC), is to enquire about obtaining a footpath style sign which will publicise when we are working in the Reserve and the possibility of DPaW providing goodies for a December sausage sizzle.
Nicole reported that discussions had taken place to upgrade the limestone path.
Barry Small, Friends Coordinator, agreed to check out requirements for wheelchair access.
The Friends are due to meet again on Sunday 27 October, but this time no weeding will take place! Instead, they invite you to join them on a walk to Samphire Cove. Please see the
Walk Over October programme for details: Bird Hides & Nature Walk.

Hi my name is Senior Sergeant Dean Snashall and I am the officer in charge of the Mandurah Police Station. I have been a police officer for 18 years and spent the 10 years prior to Mandurah working in regional WA at Kununurra, Carnarvon, Kalgoorlie, Norseman and Exmouth.
I understand the importance of community engagement and ensuring the public are kept well informed of what safety risks are occurring in their suburb.
eWatch is our new monthly newsletter and is a perfect platform for me as your local officer in charge to communicate real-time issues as well as showcasing some of the good work my police officers are doing to keep the community safe.

To receive the eWatch newsletter each month please visit

Mandurah Police Station
Mandurah Police Station has approximately 70 staff made up of 11 sergeants, 52 constables and 7 support staff and we cover an area from Lake Clifton in the south to Secret Harbour and Karnup in the north; a total distance of 58km from top to bottom. Much has been said about our ability to cover this distance and provide an appropriate level of service to the entire area. There is no doubting the challenges in suitably deploying resources to such a vast area but I am confident that we can do this.

I am on record for asking the public to be mindful of what they call the police for and why they attend the police station. There is a lot of wasted police resources going into non-core police functions. There are also many processes which can now be done online or via the 131 444 number which will not slow or alter the police investigation process. The public needs to help me reduce the number of tasks my officers complete so I can ensure they are on the road and attending incidents when you need them most.

What can I do to maximise police efficiency?
Report all non police attended traffic crashes online. There is no need to attend a police station.
Report theft or lost property online to the value of $2,000. No need to ring the police unless your house is broken into.
Ring 131 444 to report all incidents unless it's an emergency then you should ring 000. Do not ring the police station unless you need to speak direct with a specific police officer.

Do not attend the police station requesting multiple documents to be certified or signatures witnessed. Find a JP or go to a chemist or any of the other multiple professions that can assist you.
Only attend Mandurah Police Station after hours if you really need to. If it is urgent ring and book a job and we will come to you, or if it is not urgent then come in during business hours when I have the staff to assist without compromising targeted patrols of your streets.

Don't ring the police for us to check on your loved ones until you have made your own checks. Too often we are inundated with welfare checks where families have not done their own ground work. Ring us once you have exhausted all possible avenues and we will be more than happy to help.
The fact that you don't speak with a local Mandurah Police officer does not slow the process down at all. In fact it works much smoother if you ring 131 444 because the operators are able to add your report quicker or ensure a vehicle is tasked to your location quicker. Quite often there is only one sergeant in the police station at night looking after prisoners, answering phones and tending to people at the front counter. This is because I want my officers out in police vans attending jobs and patrolling your streets.
I personally check every incident report that is submitted on a daily basis from people within the Mandurah Police sub district. I can assure you it does not matter if one of my officers speaks to you or the operator on the other end of 131 444. The incident is allocated the following morning for investigation by my officers. Nothing happens quicker by speaking with an officer from the police station.

My house was burgled - why have police not arrived?
When you report a burglary on your house quite often it happened some hours or even some days earlier. Having police attend immediately does not always make good sense so there is a process we apply to determine the need for immediate police attendance. If the burglary is in progress or occurred in the last few minutes we will attend as a priority (lights and sirens). If the report is historic then we alert our forensic people and they will attend in lieu of frontline police officers. Sometimes the forensic officers may not arrive until the next day. This does not mean we are ignoring you. By the time forensic police attend we have completed an initial incident report and analysed the location of the burglary at out tactical meetings to see if any patterns are occurring in your area. We then deploy resources on an as needs basis. By the time police attend to conduct their forensic examination sometimes we already have a suspect in mind so you don't need to be concerned about a lack of police action immediately after your call.
As you would appreciate, from a policing perspective we would rather be ahead of the game then constantly chasing our tails. This is how we best catch our offenders. What I will ask is that you be mindful of potential areas where fingerprints or DNA may have been left, and limit your interference with those areas until the officers arrive.

Operation Esteem - Policing Resources Peel District
There are currently 50 extra police in the Peel District spread between Rockingham and Mandurah. As of September 25 there had been 182 arrests and 782 charges laid including 43 charges for burglary and 52 charges for drug-related offences.
This operation will continue running for the next few months and will then be complemented by a permanent group of officers to supplement the district. This is great news for the community and will provide more opportunities for Mandurah Police officers to be more proactive when patrolling your streets.

Safer Mandurah - Community Safety Month
October is Community Safety Month. The City of Mandurah and WA Police have arranged a number of activities at Ac-cent (41 Ormsby Tce ) to help increase the confidence of community members on a number of different community safety topics. Light refreshments will be provided at all sessions and those who attend will go into a draw to win a number of community safety hampers. Contact Ac-cent to register your interest on 9550 3799.

City of Mandurah Upcoming Events

 19  Local Government Ordinary Election Day 8:00am - 6:00pm.
 22  Cyber Safety – Staying Safe Online. 9.30am - 11.00am in the Computer Room, Ac-cent.
 22  Special Council Meeting to swear in newly elected Councillors.
 24  Personal Safety – Conversation with Police. 1.30pm start in the Dining Room, Ac-cent.
 24  Gnoonie Cup - Rushton Park North Oval 3:00 – 8:00pm.
 27  Mandurah Childrens Festival 9:00am - 3:30pm Eastern Foreshore.
 29  Road Safety and RoadWise 1.30pm start in the Dining Room, Ac-cent.
 31  Elder Abuse – Know your rights with Advocare. 1.30 – 3pm in the Dining Room, Ac-cent.

 10  Sunsmart Ironman 70.3 Mandurah Please note canal and road closures.
 16  Mandurah Heritage Day Dalrymple Park and Halls Cottage.

 Borrow a Property Marking Kit
 Marking your property makes ownership clear, deters theft and assists police in returning  property to its rightful owner. A property marking kit includes:

  • Property Engrave
  • UV Invisible Permanent Marker
  • Safer Mandurah Magnet
  • Information that shows a ‘step–by-step’ guide on how to mark your property

 Visit Ac-cent Mandurah to borrow a property marker kit for FREE throughout October 2013.
 For more information call 9550 3799.

Contact WA Police
 If you require police assistance or see suspicious behaviour, call 131 444 immediately.
 If you have any information on a crime please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


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